For many years Tuc’s has maintained a fleet of over 200 truck and light vehicle units within the RMWB that have worked to support fluid logistics. Tuc’s is proud to have kept our highways, drivers and clients safe in an area prone to hazards.  Today, Tuc’s is one of the top ranked companies by safety performance in Alberta.  A position we earned as a result of industry leading fleet maintenance combined with great drivers. Today, our management is proud to announce the expansion of that high quality PM service to the outside world.  From August 2017 Tuc’s will offer preventative maintenance, CVI inspection services, both transport truck & light vehicle repairs and parts support to the wider industry.

For more information on how you can organize your fleet services support, contact Joe Carmichael at 780 598 7744


Tuc’s Contracting is located at 283 MacAlpine Crescent on the Gregoire Industrial park just passed the Petro-Pass

Tuc’s operates one of the largest shop facilities in the region, with 12 drive-through bays, 80,000 square feet of fully tooled floor space.