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News Archive for May 2016

May 30, 2016

WPS is your local, provider of safe, pure drinking water and ice

As an essential service we will be in town ahead of the June 1st re-entry readily awaiting residents’ return to our city!  We are presently in Fort McMurray working around the clock to have water and ice available to our clients, old and new. During this re-entry phase WPS will be working extended hours to serve you. Visit us at 283 MacAlpine Crescent or call us at 780-790-0716 to set up delivery service.

May 28, 2016

Neegan continues to support our clients, community and residents of Fort McMurray!

Starting today, Neegan is providing personnel and 4, one ton trucks to fuel personal vehicles left behind at Syncrude site following the mandatory evacuation. Neegan is thrilled to be able to provide this service to those in need.


May 27, 2016

A Message for Tuccaro Employees from HR/Payroll

Please be advised that at this time all Records of Employment (ROEs) for affected Tuccaro employees including Neegan, Tuc’s, NTS and WPS have been submitted electronically to Service Canada. This should assist in the processing of EI claims. If you have any questions or were not issued an ROE please contact Troy at 780-215-5014 or Stephanie at 780-742-1582.

May 25, 2016

RMWB has released a Re-entry Information Booklet

News coming out of the region is stating that more than 1,000 firefighters from across Canada, the U.S., South Africa and other countries will soon be joining the approximately 1,200-member fire crew already in Fort McMurray. Great news for us, terrible news for the Beast!

Although caution continues, conditions at this time are still allowing for the conditional, phased and voluntary return to the community beginning June 1. The RMWB has released a Re-entry Information Booklet and is available here:

This detailed booklet contains important information that should be reviewed to plan your safe return before coming back to the city and your home. The safety of all is the number one priority.

May 23, 2016

Some improvement in weather conditions and wildfire over the weekend

News we have all been eagerly awaiting to hear. Cooler, damper conditions have improved both the firefighting of the Beast as well as the air quality in the region. We continue to be under mandatory evacuation, with a conditional, phased and voluntary return to the community beginning June 1.

Our Operations leaders have continued to be in contact with their crews throughout this event, providing updates and information as they become available. They are also in contact with our clients regularly to ensure we are ready to get back to business supporting their needs and expanding our abilities in providing any new services they may require.

We are grateful for your continued support and patience during this difficult time. Our priority continues to be our employees, and we are committed to returning you as soon as possible.

May 22, 2016

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

When someone asked me how things were and I complained about the garbage bag I forgot to take out from our kitchen on the afternoon of the evac and how bad it might smell when I got back and I looked across the room and saw one of my colleagues, head down, working hard to restore service at Tuccaro Group, I had a moment of realization. He had lost his home, all of his belongings, didn’t know where he would be living 4 months from now. Then I told myself to smarten up and carried on working hard to support Tuccaro Group. It’s people like that that I am proud to work along side and will do everything I can to support.


Colleagues home following the fire, somewhere left of center.

May 21, 2016

This is our community

As our non-local counterparts grabbed their equipment and fled south to safety, TUC’S rounded their fleet and drove into the fire engulfed North to protect our community.

TucsFireSupportTrainGenuine. Local. Leaders in water supply.

May 20, 2016

A message from Tuccaro Human Resources:

The tragic events that have taken place over the last few weeks have affected us all. Some of our own Tuccaro employees, as well as many of our friends and families have suffered significant losses. Some of us will be able to return to our houses that are still standing, but many have no house to return to. During this very difficult time, please know that we are here to help and support you.

Personal Support:

The fires and evacuation in Fort McMurray will affect us all in different ways. It is perfectly normal to feel stressed, anxious and traumatized by the events that took place and are ongoing. All employees and their families who would like mental health support during this difficult time should contact our EFAP provider Shepell at their 24/7 Crisis line set up for Fort McMurray residents at 1-844-751-2133 or visit

Financial Support:

In addition to the funds provided by the Red Cross and debit cards provided by the government of Alberta, there will be other resources available to those who have suffered losses.
For those with insurance please see the information available here:

For those without insurance, you will be taken care of. Alberta Works is providing an emergency allowance for those who require it. Details can be found here:


The Wildfire Evacuee Transitional Accommodation benefit (WETA) is available to evacuees who do not have insurance or who have insufficient insurance to pay for temporary accommodation costs in Alberta. The benefit covers rent, damage deposit and utility connections for up to 90 days from the date of evacuation. Details can be found here:

To find information about the status of your house, please visit: Firemap

May 20, 2016

Residential Homes Lost by Tuccaro Employees

We are reporting the following total Fort McMurray property losses:

  • Neegan – 15 Homes Lost
  • Tuc’s Contracting – 9 Homes Lost
  • NTS Ltd. – 3 Homes Lost
  • WPS Ltd. – 2 Homes Lost
  • Tuccaro Inc. – 1 Home Lost
  • Trust Financial & Payroll – 0 Homes lost

Total Confirmed Losses as of today; 30 Homes, approximately 8.4% of workforce.

Group Employees Evacuated: 360. Injuries Reported 0.
Estimated Tuccaro Workers and Family Evacuated: 900 People.
Injuries Reported 0.
Total Residential Population Evacuated: 90,000 estimated

If a fire aptly described as the Beast, the size of Prince Edward Island, some 5056 square kilometers and spanning 2 provinces cannot stop us. Nothing can.
Fort McMurray Strong. We will replace and rebuild.

May 19, 2016

Thank You

On behalf of the management at Tuccaro Group I want to thank all of the workers that continue to provide support and essential services.
This is not an easy time and I appreciate everyone’s resolve. Although we are operating under challenging conditions our employees have demonstrated their adaptability and ingenuity.

For those employees that are displaced and not a part of the initial recovery and re-start operation, this is perhaps an even more difficult situation. Temporary lay-offs are affecting a number of workers that want to provide help and assistance. We are indebted to your patience and continued support. Our preparedness to return you to work is a continuing priority and we are committed to re-introduce you as soon as conditions allow.

TUC’S Super-B delivers water to Fire Unit ‘Goliath’, Aostra Road, Noralta Lodge

I want to thank all of the families, partners and friends that continue to provide support to our workers. This fire may have set us back but it has united us. We have talented, resilient, hard working people in this Group and we will bounce back stronger than ever.

Craig Jenkins, COO